The Last Kiss

The Last Kiss is Zach Braff’s first movie since last year’s Garden State. This time he neither wrote nor directed, though apparently he did select the soundtrack.

The supporting cast were great. Special shout out to—I have no shame in admitting this—the infeasibly attractive Casey Affleck; far better than his brother. Rachel Bilson is this year’s Natalie Portman (though I preferred last year’s).

I wasn’t as interested in the main story as I was in all of the myriad side-stories. I don’t think the various threads had all that much influence on each other either.

Not a bad film. It certainly has its pluses, and not just in the partial nudity department. But I’m keen to see Braff go back to writing his own material. To be fair, I think it was actually rather good but not at all like the kind of movie I should have been watching today.