Life Updates

My eyes hurt from spending the whole day with dilated pupils so I’ll make this brief. In the words (possibly) of Charles Manson, bullets to the rescue:

  • I was offered a job on Friday. I have accepted. I start in three weeks. There will soon be a disclaimer that the opinions expressed on Soylent Red are mine and not those of my new employer.
  • I spent the weekend in Clare (the county, not a girl). It was fun.
  • I have resolved to spend St Patrick’s Day next year in New York. People appear to be interested in this idea.
  • I had an examination at the Wellington Eye Clinic today. I’m an ideal candidate for LASIK. In fact, post surgery, I will have better eyesight than I could possibly get from corrective lenses because they can fix the asymmetry in my corneas as well as my myopia.
  • I love Lamp.