Is anyone using Jaiku? I signed up a day or two ago and so far it seems a lot more useful than Twitter. Jaiku has a similar idea to Twitter—to post brief (140 character) snippets about what you’re up to so that people can keep up with what you’re doing without you having to compose a full blog post. People can subscribe to your updates so that they’re sent notifications when you post something new.

Like Twitter, you can post to Jaiku by SMS or from the Web. There doesn’t seem to be an instant messenger option yet (though Twitter’s IM is down most of the time anyway) and I don’t see a way to receive updates by phone, which is definitely something they’ll want to work on.

The big advantage of Jaiku though is that it will pull in feeds from elsewhere to keep all of your updates in one place. I have it pulling in my Soylent Red feed, my Flickr photos, my Last.fm music information, my del.icio.us bookmarks and even my Twitter feed.

Jaiku doesn’t pull the full content from all of these feeds. It shows just enough for you to know that there’s new information from one of those sources.

If you’re interested, here’s my Jaiku.