Mountain View

I’ve just payed to renew this domain for the next year, so I guess I better start using it. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, what with starting work, Good Good Friday in Nottingham, and now I’m in Mountain View, California.

Yesterday I took myself on a self-guided walking tour of San Francisco. I wholeheartedly recommend walking across the Golden Gate Bridge (photos to come). On the other hand I cannot in good conscience recommend walking to the Golden Gate Bridge from downtown San Francisco. My feet hurt. I’m reminded of this story. Here’s a map of my approximate route, though I actually took a more up-and-over approach than a go-around approach to the hills.

I set out from the Caltrain station at 11:30 and got back there at18:30. That’s local time. In GMT those times translate to some time next Thursday. Of course I managed to get a Golden Gate shot glass, not to mention reams of photos of the bridge, of Alcatraz Island and of some really steep hills.