Mountain View Update

I’m still in Mountain View. I realise I’ve been pretty woeful at keeping this blog up-to-date while I’m away, so I’m going to try to put that right.

Since my last post I have:

Gone to a chili cookoff and eaten chili made with tequila and chocolate,

Climbed to the top of the highest tower in San Francisco and sneered at the city from above,

Hit on a waitress in Hooters, having decided that, no, that’s not too cheesy; that’s what they’re there for,

Watched the Sun set over the Pacific,

Gone on a weekend-long road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and visited the (allegedly) world-famous Comedy Club in the Riviera,

Not bought a guitar for $10,000 despite the overwhelming, or at least whelming, urge to do so,

Stood inside a capsule that used to be a part of the International Space Station,

Come second in a scavenger hunt in Golden Gate park and followed it up with food and drinks in a beach-side bar, during work hours,

and Got my ticket to see Spider-Man 3 on Friday.