I love living in the future.

I plan to take part in Matthew Baldwin’s NaNoReMo, so after work today I went to Eason’s to pick up a copy of Catch-22. When I got there, to the despair of my inner quiz enthusiast, I couldn’t remember who wrote the book. “Begins with a ‘J’,” I thought. Too bad the books are arranged alphabetically by author’s surname.

Did I face the dreadful prospect of searching the entire fiction section of one of the city’s biggest bookshops? Or, worse, admitting to the cute shop assistant that I didn’t know who wrote one of last century’s most influential novels?

Like hell I did. I whipped out my shiny new iPod—note that it’s not possible to simply take out this device; it must be whipped out for proper effect—and let it sniff about for open wifi networks. With the satisfying tap of a few keys I was heading to ‘H’ to grab a copy of Joseph Heller’s masterpiece.