2007 in Cities

I have a pile of stuff to post about, both things I want to link to and a few observations and more journal-like things that Id like t post about. Right now I don’t have the mental bandwidth to accommodate that volume of joined-up thought, so I’m falling back on the blogging stalwarts of ripping off other bloggers and compiling lists. Real content to follow. This post is more for my own interest in years to come.

With that gripping lede out of the way, here’s a list—inspired by (i.e., copied from) Jason Kottke—of the cities I’ve visited in 2007.

  • Dublin (I actually moved here)
  • London (four times, not counting passing through Heathrow)
  • Nottingham
  • San Francisco
  • Mountain View
  • Las Vegas
  • San José
  • Liverpool
  • Paris
  • Manchester
  • Chester

My plans for 2008 already include all of these cities except Paris (though I wouldn’t be opposed), as well as Birmingham, New York, Zurich, Naples, Los Angeles, and Ankara. Doing my bit for climate change.