Microsoft Offers to Buy Yahoo!

According to BBC News, Microsoft has offered over $44b for Yahoo! I’d hate to see this go through, because I still think Yahoo! has some people capable of making significant contributions to the Web, and the only significant contributions I see from Microsoft are roadblocks and hurdles to the overall development of the Web.

Someone suggested Google should park a trailer outside Yahoo!’s offices to interview their engineers, with the suggestion that they can either stay where they are and learn to use Microsoft’s tools or they can come work with us on something more fun.

The worst part of all of this is the prospect that I might have to switch to using Picassa.

Obviously the standard disclaimer applies here. None of this is the opinion of Google, the bit about the interview trailer is a joke, Google has made no statement on the subject yet, if they do it won’t be through this blog (ha!), and so on…