Groundhog Day ^ 2

I’ve been thinking (always a bad idea). There’s loads of scope for different stories that all use the same premise as the movie Groundhog Day—reliving the same day repeatedly until you do something right or find a way to fix whatever is happening. There’s the movie itself; the Stargate SG-1 episode where Jack and Teal’c continuously relive the same day; the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode with Kelsey Grammer and the temporal causality loop; and any number of other stories that have and haven’t been written.

It’s a setup that works with any character in any setting. There are tons of possibilities for ways that different people would deal with the situation, adapt to it, and ultimately try to solve it. It could be an entire genre unto itself.

Imagine if you had to keep reliving the same day until you wrote the best story in that genre.