Blue Suede Shoes

The domestication of Rory continues apace. Yesterday I cleaned a pair of shoes for the first time I can remember.

I say “cleaned”, but really I won’t know the true outcome for some time. At least until the major collateral damage has been repaired, and the shoes manage to return to a more shoe-like form (if they ever do). From the state of the sink—and, let’s be honest, the floor, ceiling, bath, and some of the next room—I would guess that I got a decent amount of dirt off them. Although some of that could just be ex-shoe material. Who knows?

I performed this experiment in grownupitude on an old pair I haven’t worn in some time, with the hope that I’ll either discover the secret or give up and find something more shiny to distract me before I get as far as wrecking any of my good shoes. Wish me luck.

2 Replies to “Blue Suede Shoes”

  1. I don’t think they’re really suede. I’m not sure. Not much of a fabric person (i.e., I’m a man). They’re leather but not shiny, which I understand is a necessary—but maybe not sufficient—condition for being suede.

    They are blue though.

    And aside from some slight browning on the inside from leaving them on a really hot drier for way too long, they came out of the whole ordeal quite well.

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