An Unbeatable Scheme

A guide to getting (marginally) rich(er) quick(-ish):
  1. Take one promotion code offering free gambling credit when you deposit a small amount of cash in an online gambling site.
  2. Sign up for said site and deposit money, earning yourself a supermarket voucher of equal value as well as credit to use on the site.
  3. Bet the deposit money and the bonus money, earning at least a fraction (if not a multiple) of the total amount, and almost certainly more than the initial investment.
  4. Do not become addicted to gambling.
  5. Cash out all winnings.
  6. Go out and buy new suits.

2 Replies to “An Unbeatable Scheme”

  1. I deposited £5 and got £20 credit. Assuming an expected return of at least 80% of the initial stake (I have no evidence to support this assumption, except that it’s already much lower than the expected return of most Vegas games) then you would hope to walk away with £20 profit after betting £25 (not forgetting that you’re guaranteed the initial deposit back anyway). It took me about an hour to play through that stake, making this particular case carry an expected payout of about £20/hour.

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