Apple special event

While I wait for the new version of iPhoto for iPad (and, apparently, iPhone) to show up in the UK App Store, I want to revisit my predictions post from Monday and see what came true.

Yes, of course, there is a new iPad with a retina display. Interestingly, it doesn’t appear to have a name. It’s not iPad 3. It’s just iPad. As Sam Vermette pointed out on Twitter, new iterations of Mac products don’t carry version numbers either. You don’t look forward to the MacBook Pro 6; it’s just the new MacBook Pro. It makes some sense to treat non-Mac devices in the same way.

The new iPad is not thinner and lighter than iPad 2, as I said it would be. In fact it’s very slightly bigger. The price remains the same though, and iPad 2 remains available at a reduced price as I think everyone expected it would.

There is now a version of iPhoto for iOS. Or at least there will be once it arrives at your local App Store. It’s an App Store app rather than a built in, so it won’t be replacing the existing Photos app. But it looks great. I expect the Mac iPhoto app will be seeing some updates in the near future to catch up with this iOS version.

There was no mention of any change to Maps. That’s what I expected. Like I said, I’m pretty confident this will come with the next iPhone.

I said that Apple TV wouldn’t see an update, or that if it did it would only be a small change. I think that was correct. The updated Apple TV is evolutionary. This was never going to be the event where Apple shows us the future of television. Whether or not that event ever happens is still up for debate.