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You know the Kevin Bacon game, where you try to relate a given actor to Kevin Bacon by counting the number of “…was in (such-and-such film) with…” links? Like Keira Knightly was in Pride and Prejudice with Donald Sutherland and Donald Sutherland was in Animal House with Kevin Bacon, so Keira Knightly’s Bacon number is (no more than) two. Bacon himself has a bacon number of zero.

If you liked that game then you might enjoy spending a few minutes playing with a new Google search feature:

Just search for an actor’s name along with the phrase ‘bacon number’ and you get both the number and a sample chain of films linking your actor to Kevin Bacon in that number of steps.

I looked for a few obscure actors who appear in IMDb but who don’t have Bacon number results on Google, but it seems to give decent results for most people you might have heard of. Sadly, no results for Paul Erdős.

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