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Chances are that as a reader of this blog you probably also follow me on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook (or some combination there-of). So you’re probably already aware that I’ve recently started a new blog, at, where I’m reviewing the 500 greatest films of all time, as well as offering my thoughts on some other films and posting about other film-related topics. But if you weren’t aware, you are now.

I delayed posting anything about the new site here until I had posted enough to be sure that it’s a project that I want to continue with. I’m really happy with how it’s going so far though, and I’m glad to have received some very kind and encouraging feedback both online and off, so I’m comfortable saying that it’s something that will continue for a while.

As usual I also have all sorts of plans to post more here at, but the wise move would be to believe that when you see it.

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