I’ve magically changed this weblog into… a slightly different looking weblog! I took my final thought from yesterday and chose a colour scheme for the site. I remain pathetically nameless, but that can change. I’ll think about it over the weekend, in that florescent tomb (S)hell. For those who don’t know and can’t guess I work part-time in a service station. I sell petrol to perpetually angry people and cigarettes to idiots. It long ago lost its anthropological appeal, so now I just die a little every week. It could get me down if I wasn’t so distinctly apathetic. Sorry, didn’t mean to rant about work. It’s just that it’s going to screw up my Saturday this week and I’d really rather it didn’t.

On another note, IE doesn’t screw up my design as much as I’d thought it would. Which is nice. Unless you don’t like the design. But you do, don’t you? It’s only the bones of the final look at this stage. Picture more links for one thing, probably a blog-roll of some sort, and maybe a very transparent image background.