Give Me a Name

I’ve just started to type without knowing what I’m going to write about. All I know is that I’ll probably end up editing later, simply because that’s not what I intend to do. I don’t have a title for this entry yet; I’ll think of one once I know what it’s about. And that leads me nicely to: I don’t have a title for my blog yet. Nor do I have a pleasing style (writing or design), or any logo, pictures or cohesive theme. Looks like a big job ahead, except that I only usually spend about half an hour a day writing this, and I only know of one person who reads it. So I want a good name. Of the blogs I read (there aren’t many yet; I’m new to this) Tom Coates has the fantastically titled, I’m quite fond of the name Aquarionics, and some of the Bloggie award nominees have great names. The name should define the site, give both an indication of the content or intent and a decent inspiration for the overall style. That’s why I want a name first, so I can build a style around it.

Of course, once I have a name and a style, I’ll have nothing else to blame when I fail utterly in representing myself properly here. Now I can just fall back on “It’s not really me“, but with the effort of design behind it I don’t think I could claim that anymore.

The fact that I have no well-defined, or even slightly coherent, personal writing style means that there’s no problem with interrupting myself with this quote from National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon:

Give me a name.

Weren’t your parents supposed to do that?

So anyway, short story shorter, I have no online identity and my offline one isn’t even worth bringing online with me. So I need to find one. Maybe I’ll start with finding a nice colour…