Half Re-Design

Being, as I am, quite lazy about such, and all, things, I’ve done part of the site redesign. ‘Site’, at this stage, is four (count ’em! FOUR) pages. I’ll put some old (last week’s) posts into an archive soon, probably keeping from just the previous Monday’s post on the front page. I’ll archive the rest by the week. When I do that split I’ll throw together a slightly different style-sheet for the local section (downloads for UCD students). With the modifications I’ve made sure that the site is totally readable and navigable without the style elements. The HTML source has no inherent style whatsoever; not even a <br> tag to force a line-break. All of the style is in the stylesheet. I also re-wrote sbrophy’s page in valid HTML4.0 Strict with embedded style. I guess I was in the mood for standards compliance!

I didn’t post yesterday because my day off kept me away from the college computers and my mother’s work kept me away from my home computer. I did get online for a few minutes at a friends house, but only to order a new computer from Dell. It’s a pity it wasn’t for me 🙁