Identify That Non-Verbalism

Three non-verbal sounds, name those movies. The movie title should show up if you hold the cursor over the ‘quote’. If not, you’ll have to view the page source to see the answers. “Huh-huh”, “Shwing!”, “Shum”. These are the DVDs I bought yesterday, partially with the money/voucher I intended to spend, and partially with the rest of the week’s food money. I should have enough to watch for, say, the next year, considering the amount of extras I haven’t seen on most of my DVDs, not to mention the movies I haven’t even watched yet. That’s four movies waiting in my proverbial ‘in’-tray (these three and Back to the Future III). Also, I should have enough to eat for, say, today. It’s important to know your priorities!

The site re-design was meant for today. It’ll be delayed, but I’ve got tomorrow off, so it may happen then. I’ve got a style in mind. In fact I’ve got most of the CSS layed out in my head (yes my mind seperates style from content!)

As predicted, the two CDs I mentioned yesterday are growing on me. I find that albums by single artists or groups generally aren’t varied enough to keep me listening, so I’ll put some choice tracks from these two into compilations with the rest of my music. That should keep them from being damaged aswell. In a related note, my music directory on the computer at home is approaching 1000 files, which feels like a milestone, even if it isn’t all that impressive.