Dublin Wins All-Ireland Camogie Final

Actually I don’t know when the All-Ireland Camogie final will be this year, and I probably care less than anyone else. This isn’t news. At least, it isn’t news anymore. Dublin’s victory was reported in the Irish Independent on October 20th 1944 but, our local news services being as they are, I didn’t hear about it until this Saturday. I arrived home to be greeted by a single page saved from said issue of the Independent, saved that is by my grandmother, the star player of the Dublin team whose photograph accompanied the article. There’s a surrealness about the fact that, on the reverse of the page, there are reports of Russia’s invasion of Prussia and Canada’s advances in Holland, yet these were incidentally archived merely for the fact that they were attached to the photograph of interest. “Look! I’m in the paper. Oh, and the largest conflict in human history continues to be waged all around us. Ho-hum. But I’m in the paper!”