Quote of the Day

The humour lies in fooling ones readership into believing that QotD is a daily phenomenon. A repentant journalist (ie. keeper of a journal, not a news reporter) would feel the urge to rectify this misconception. For you see QotD is the outward symptom of the informational abyss that is my mind. While one could reasonably argue that, to paraphrase everyone’s mothers, if I don’t have anything interesting to say I shouldn’t say anything at all, I take more pleasure in the pointless recycling of previously interesting, though still utterly trivial, abridged movies.

From a post on slashdot:

Morpheus: I say again main character, I fully believe that you are the one.
Neo: The one?
Morpheus: Yes Neo. The one.
Neo: Prithee, what is the one?
Morpheus: The one is the human in the matrix that can dodge bullets, punch through a concrete wall, and stop time. And fly.
Neo: Well golly Morpheus, I sure dunno if I am the one, but we’ll find out!
Geordi: But you don’t have to take his word for it!
Trinity: Neo, I might also be in love with you if you are the one. If you’re not the one then I need to keep looking, so let me know what you find out.
Neo: (looking into camera) I dunno if I’m the one. Do you?