Soylent Red is People

I posted a while back about my desire to find an appropriate name for my blog. I had considered "Eye on Rory" as a possibility, reflecting my religious affection for the Simpsons, but on an entirely unexplainable impulse I’ve changed my mind. You are now reading Soylent Red. I have to give due credit to Jay (who’s name would be a link if he had a web presence) for coming up with the name, which I am still filed under in his phone book. You may note that, as yet there is no indication of the name, either URL-wise or -wise. This is because of my stubborn assumption that it wont be long until the whole site is PHP-ed, so I can’t be bothered to change the current static pages.

The same reason can be applied to my very short blogroll. It would surely be longer than a list of four if additions required the editing of only a single file. So when the switch to dynamic pages is made the blogroll will lengthen bigtime. Starting with the addition of InkTank, home of the Angst Technologies comic. From the site:

Barry T. Smith started out life as a single celled organism. He eventually grew into a bipedal mammal, capable of the art of cartooning.

I’m nearly a year into his daily cartoon, and have about a year and a half more to catch up on. It’s going to be terrible when I’ve only got one new strip a day to read.