I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

I pity the fools that didn’t get to see Dirk Benedict on Tuesday. As part of LawSoc‘s 80s Day the Face acted as chairperson for a “debate” on the merits of the 80s as opposed to other decades. The debate lasted all of 10 minutes before the Lord of the Flies-like rabble got their demands met. There followed a near three hour long Q & A session. Many (most?) of the questions were about Dirk’s sexual experiences, despite his valiant attempts at every point to distinguish himself from his most famous character. Despite the sex questions and constant interruptions he had long enough in the three hours to tell a few anecdotes about the A-Team, particularly praise for Mr T and Dwight Schultz, though not much on George Peppard.

After Nancy Cartwright last week and Dirk Benedict this week, at this rate I’ll be driving a Delorean by March.

The Lack of Post™ on Tuesday wasn’t actually due to visiting celebrities though. The network was down again, denying me internet access. This pretty much sucked on a day when I was in here (UCD) longer than usual waiting for said celebrity to appear. So instead I went shopping. By chance I saw season two of Futurama and season two of Family Guy, both of which I’ve ordered from Amazon already, and to my delight they’re much more expensive in the real world, and they both have more episodes than their season one counterparts. Yay!

I bought two books, the names of neither of which I can remember. One is about mathematics and patterns in nature and was written by Ian Stewart, one of Terry Pratchett’s co-writers on the Science of Discworld books. (As an aside: When I went to look up his name I looked for the Science of Discworld on Amazon. My search term “science of discworld” didn’t find the book but going via a roundabout way found me The Science of Discworld II: The Globe. Listed as authors were Terry Pratchett, Terry Pratchett and Jack Cohen. A look at the picture of the jacket cover gave me Ian Stewart’s name. I can’t help but think this could have been easier.) The other book is an introduction to PHP, which contains easy and accurate instructions for setting up PHP, Apache and MySQL on my Windows machine at home. I already had the first two and probably could have figured out the third (I didn’t try), but I feel that this sort of direct instruction is still valuable even when some searching can find the information online.

I also bought the leather pants I’ve been promising myself for so long. Some people seem to find this amusing. (It should be noted that I’m refering to trousers, rather than underpants. This ambiguity is introduced by British and Irish people (and maybe others) who misuse the word ‘pants’.)