What OS are you?

According to BBSpot, via Aquarion, I’m Windows 95!

You look better than your older brother but your communication skills are still lacking. You start well but often zone out.

Going merely on the descriptions given for the various OSes/Personalities, I would say I’m one of the Linuxes, probably Debian or Slackware.

After an unpleasant experience on Friday, I’d like to offer my own summary for any Windows XPers (my OS at home, but only because it’s not technically my computer, it’s a family one): You are prone to forget your friends at random times when nothing of note has happened to you. You keep your old friend’s stuff, but wont let him have it back without much trickery, because you now think he’s a stranger. It’s just as well he never trusted you enough to keep his stuff locked away, otherwse he’d never get it back.