Hand Coding

Let’s have a game of Spot the Difference, shall we? I want you to tell me the difference between my blog, and virtually every other blog out there. Go on.

Most of the rest have some decent amount of content that’s worth reading.

Apart from that.

Any of the others I’ve seen have more than just their author reading them, so don’t have to resort to making up feedback.

Well it’s true, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

The horrendous design.

They’re not all that bad…

Your horrendous design

I’m sorry you feel that way, but that’s not it either. Maybe I’ll just tell you what I’m on about. The difference is static vs dynamic content. I spend five or 10 minutes per day typing out HTML by hand, copying and pasting <tags>, and fitting in my new content. Every week I have to edit every page to include links to newer material. This both sucks and blows. This is static web-design. Every other blog I know of is dynamic, with pages generated on the fly with PHP. This is my goal. This is why I downloaded Apache, PHP and Perl for learning and experimentation. I can only hope that when I feel confident enough to apply these new (to me) technologies netsoc will let me run scripts on their servers.