Stats, Updates, Games and Evil Spam

Yes all of the above listed will be crammed together uncomfortably into a standard fun-sized designed-for-travel package. And, no; it shouldn’t be. But seeing as how I’m still not ready to unveil Phry (for that is the suitably Futurama-inspired working title of my home-grown CMS), I’m really not all that keen to separate my thoughts into clean-cut, subject-oriented Journal Solutions™. But you can catch all my deranged, sleep-deprived ramblings (complete with hyphenated, comma-separated adjectives and meaningless, flow-disturbing interjections (are they still interjections if I’m the only person involved?) (can I nest parentheses like that in legitimate written English?) (take a moment to recall our position in the main clause before continuing)) in this bumper (though previously, incorrectly, advertised as fun-sized) omnibus edition. Normal programming, having no real bearing on what usually appears here, is not expected to resume, or indeed commence, in the foreseeable future. Have a nice day.

Hmmm? Oh yes, of course. The post. Well here it is, in all its wonderful, unnecessarily punctuation-filled (oh give it a rest) glory. Phry is on the way. Briefly, it works like this: I have a separate file, in a particular format, which contains all of the information about any particular journal entry, specifically title, date and time of posting and content, as well as the capacity to extend this structure to cover things like topic, related links etc. When you visit Soylent Red, Phry finds out which of these entries are less than a week old, and it puts them in a handy little HTML file which it sends to you. It looks to you like any other web page with nothing to indicate that the file you are in fact, by this point, looking at does not exist on this server. It was put together on the fly. So far all done. But what about older entries, like from last week? Well, you’ve got the archive for that. The plan is that you’ll be able to get a list (all nicely HTMLed) of all the entries I posted for any particular month. I haven’t done this yet. Why? Because I spent too long writing this entry. I’m reluctant to set a date because I really could just give over a day to this and have it done and online in a matter of hours, but I won’t and I’ll just miss the deadline. It would only serve to get your hopes up. Soon.

Related news: I’m going to change the look of the site a little. Maybe totally, but probably not. At the moment I’m looking at a change in color scheme. This will come in with Phry. That’s how you’ll know. That and the fact that I’ll actually post every now and then, of course. Interesting aside: I wanted to copy the color of Mozilla’s Orbit theme, and managed to guess the hex value of the color to within four (for those that don’t know, colors in web-pages are generally specified in the form rrggbb where each of rr, gg and bb is a hexadecimal number, equivalent to the range 0 – 255 decimal. The actual color I wanted is EEF3F5. I guessed EEF3F9, which is almost indistinguishable). So I can now identify a color’s hex representation by sight. What an odd and geeky skill. – has some nice pie-charts showing popular browser usage and platform usage. Being, as I am, in the business (or hobby) of web-design I find it peculiarly depressing that more than ninety percent of surfers seem to be using IE/Win, one of the crappiest browsers in the world today. Anyone who says, “but it works” is horribly misinformed and/or delusional. Can I be forgiven another plug for Mozilla?

this is the latest version of security update, the “March 2003, Cumulative Patch” update which eliminates all known security vulnerabilities affecting Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express as well as five newly discovered vulnerabilities. Install now to protect your computer from these vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could allow an attacker to run executable on your system. This update includes the functionality of all previously released patches.

The above is taken directly from (what is presumably) the most evil e-mail I’ve ever received. I say presumably, because I can only assume, not being stupid enough to check, that the attached .exe is a trojan horse (similar to a virus). The from address is ‘’, which might convince some otherwise sceptical people of its authenticity (if they rationalise the odd username part and ignore the ‘reroute’ part), with the displayed name ‘MS Corporation Security Section’. There’s a ‘’ address in the headers. That domain seems to be a Brazilian ISP. Anywho, in short: scam/trojan = evil.

I’m enjoying Warcraft III, I’ve ordered Mortal Kombat and it’s been dispatched. More on games another time perhaps. I’m too tired to bore you further.