What the hell is Wil Wheaton doing? He’s proud of the fact that his headings aren’t marked up with <h2> tags. They’re second level headings for Pete’s sake! What the hell? You think <span class="title"> is more appropriate? Where the hell did you learn HTML? This is exactly what <h2> is for! This and nothing else. Why get rid of it? I mean I’ve seen people proudly proclaim that they’ve removed unnecessary or inappropriate markup from their sites, hopefully making them leaner and more accessible, but Wil has replaced a fundamental HTML tag with a horrible kludge! It’s sickening. So here’s what else is wrong:

  • The page layout is done with <table>s. I don’t see any tabular data. Use CSS.
  • His main title ("WIL WHEATON DOT NET, 50,000 monkeys at 50,000 typewriters can’t be wrong") is marked with <font> tags. These are clear candidates for <hn>. Surely “WIL WHEATON DOT NET” is a first level heading?
  • The navigation links are marked as paragraphs. This is clearly an unordered list.
  • Every article is has an empty anchor preceding it. While this isn’t incorrect it certainly isn’t necessary. Why not change <a name="001227"></a><span class="title">Neverland</span> to <h3 id="001227">Neverland</h3>? That’s almost half the size.
  • Every text size specified in the stylesheet is in pts. This is a print measurement, entirely inappropriate for screen display. em or % would be much better.

That list took longer to type than it did to compile. Surely anyone interested in having their own website should want to get it right?