Did You Read Me?

Do people even read the titles of posts? I know I don’t bother reading them on other people’s journals. It’s not as if I’m going to skip a post because the title seems unappealing. I’m not that short of time. Which, without conscious effort, leads me to the topic that I couldn’t find an entertaining title for: I’m short of time. But not really, since I’m on three weeks holidays. But a combination of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (12 hours straight from 20:30 Sunday to 08:30 Monday – thanks Gary), Micro-Machines for PS2 and Warcraft III has conspired to reduce my available study time. I had also hoped to get a working CMS in operation, which would make posting here much easier, or at least faster, but I’m stuck on a particular problem that I’m convinced should be very easy to solve. When I find the solution I’ll kick myself hard enough to break both my legs. Damn it’s frustrating. Until then, expect posts to be fewer and farther between than usual.

On a design note: Apparently the old dashed borders didn’t look too well in IE/Win, so I’ve replaced them with solid borders. I figured that anyone who uses IE/Win obviously doesn’t care about attractive rendering, but apparenly I was wrong.