Difficult Choices

Should I regail you with tall tails of my adventures learning about adiabatic demagnetisation as a method for cooling? Or would you prefer a rant about how stupid everyone else is but me? Or nearly everyone else at least. Statistics suggest at least 90%. You know who I’m talking about: MSIE users.

function openCD() {
  var WMP = new ActiveXObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7");
  var CDs = WMP.cdromCollection;
  for ( var i = 0; i < CDs.count ; i++ ) {

That little bit of Javascript will open all the CDROM drives or Internet Explorer users looking at this page (and pages belonging to many others like me who delight in tormenting you poor suckers) You may be thinking that that's not such a problem. And you'd be right. It's just a demonstration. How about these 12 characters of simple HTML that can crash your browser in an instant: <input type>? I've resisted the urge to use this one. Popup windows are another weapon at our disposal.

Then of course there're the unresolved security exploits. All of them. Go read up on them, it's makes scary reading.