Two to Go

Two things:

One: I have just used the title of a Buffy episode as the title of a weblog post that has nothing to do with said episode (or any episode) of Buffy (or indeed any show). Yet I used the title, noticed it and even remarked on it. Odd.

Two: I have approximately two hours of teenagerdom left in this life. To my knowledge and barring any bizarre sci-fi events in the future (or past), I will never be a teenager again. I have spent the last few weeks variously not caring and feeling I’ve forgotten to do something. It is likely that I have. No doubt in a few years I will think "I wish I was a teen again". So if I feel like looking back over my journal to get a fresh memory of what it was like, it consisted mainly of exams, which are unpleasant. Stay away from the Quantum Leap Accelerator.

Right now I feel like my brain has swolen with all the knowledge I’ve tried to cram in there and is thus pressing against the inside of my skull.