Continued Evangelism

While you weren’t looking, the Mozilla Foundation snook out new releases of Mozilla Firebird (version 0.7), Mozilla Thunderbird (version 0.3) and the combined Mozilla Suite (version 1.5). Unfortunately the Mozilla Foundation no longer runs on AOL‘s servers, so a timed triple release has earned them a helluva slashdotting. The ftp server is fine, though, if you want to take a look at any of these applications. And I know you do.

More interestingly, at least to those of us who have already been using [Fire/Thunder]bird for some time, is the release of Open Office version 1.1. This suite is, quite simply, better than any other office application I’ve ever used. I won’t list features here — they’re covered in detail on the release page — but I have to say that the formula editor is the best thing to happen to office software since spellcheck. Combined with the option to export to pdf, this just makes it ridiculously easy to create scientific documents that anyone can read.

Developers seem to make much better stuff when they aren’t being paid for it. Perhaps we should consider not paying them at all?