I don’t like to draw undue attention, at least online, to my frankly appalling degree of apathy; even if it is a defining characteristic. However it seems recently that the subject “Gotta Post Something, ‘Cause I Haven’t in a While” is the one I can most comfortably post under. There follow a few limited-appeal entries on diverse topics (I have a few in mind, but I don’t know how many will keep my attention long enough to type them.)

Thunderbird is nearly finished downloading several hundred emails, no doubt all spam. Most of them have been sitting on the server for days or weeks, since my address was harvested from Usenet. I’m making one final effort to reclaim my old address from the dreadful deluge. I’m confident the bulk of the recent spam has subsided, hopefully down to about 20 messages a day which I can easily handle.

I keep the address only for continuity. A great many people have it, though most will never have reason to use it; and it’s attached (with the associated ill-effects) to numerous Usenet messages. As I’ve said before, and indeed is suggested in my ‘contact’ page, I would prefer if people would use any address to contact me.

Who would have thought that lasted longer than