It’s about time. Pardon the pun. It was pointed out to me today – in Real Life if you believe it – that I had updated the about section of this site. This was not something I had been aware of. A number of weeks ago – about the time that the little blue box appeared on the front page – I rewrote most of the about section. I figured that a prominant link on the front page required some actual content at the end of it. I never uploaded the changes, believing that their completion was just around the corner.

At the time of the site-wide redesign – a few days ago – I made several code changes and style changes at the same time. To save me the effort of determining what files I had changed – and since I have bandwidth to burn – I just uploaded the whole directory from my home computer. Including the new about section. It was still unfinished, but it’s easier to just write the damn thing than to change the page to say ‘under construction’. Not to mention the fact that ‘under construction’ is pretty well the leperosy of the web. So I finished it. And it is explainful.