Finding MEmo

My latest todo list (yesterday) featured the item "Write todo list manager MEmo for new computer". This should read "write todo list manager MEmo", as it will ultimately run both on my home computer and on the host server of Several times a day I want an easy way to send myself notices of the ‘do this later’ variety, and most of those times I’m stuck on a college computer, so putting the system in on a net-accessible machine is a necessity. Right now I use, in no particular order – and believe me it’s quite devoid of order – email, ftp, a little notebook and my memory (the personal kind that Dell didn’t double for free) to remind myself to do stuff. Stuff, invariably, does not get done.

Enter MEmo. The name, as with most things SoylentRed, is due to djinn. It’s a concise ‘memo to self’, pronounced ‘mee-moe’. It’ll keep items with various data, like description of task, required time of completion, catagor(y|ies), status etc. I have a complete list somewhere. Above all, it will be useful. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Scatterbrain it’s that I’ll only do something right if it’s useful. I didn’t finish my mp3 player. I didn’t finish my text editor. I didn’t finish my game. Scatterbrain is in constant development for longer than any of my other projects. MakeLink is more complete than I would ever have got before. MEmo will join them.