In With the Old, In With the New

There’s some newness around here for you to enjoy, in the form of style changes, (accidental) partial bug fixes and features. Style changes include – indeed are – a new site icon (linked for those of you using last century’s browsing technology) and a background gradient. There’s not much to be said about the background except that I think it adds a whole lot for very little cost. The icon is a fusion of the backwards E used in mathematical shorthand to mean ‘there exists’, and the upside-down A meaning ‘for all’. You could interpret it as meaning exists for all.

The accidental bug fix – more accurately a workaround – is a result of the background gradient. Internet Explorer’s rendering bug isn’t as prominant as it was with the old matt background.

As for features – and the reason for the ‘In With the Old’ part of this entry’s title – I’ve added a nostalgia box to the main page, which lists all of the items that were on the front page this time last year. I was pondering the dilemma of producing lots of written work which is almost immediately confined to the archives, most likely never to be read again. This is the first part of my solution. It also means that the most prominant links on the front page are no longer those that give people directions on how to get away from here.