Odd Firefox Crasher

I’ve just been forced to upgrade to Firefox 1.0.1 because of a crasher bug that I couldn’t track down. All pages on Soylentred.net were causing instant crashes in Firefox 1.0 and Mozilla 1.6 (which remains unfixed). Here are all the details I could find:

  • Soylentred was the only site causing the crashes.
  • The crashes occured on every page of Soylentred that I tested, except for the login page for administration.
  • Disabling extensions in Firefox had no effect (as you would expect since my Mozilla setup has no extensions).
  • Disabling javascript, images, plugins, cookies, and styles had no effect.
  • The pages dowloaded fine. The title was displayed in the titlebar and I could view source on the page before it tried to render.
  • I downloaded the front page and viewed it locally. It caused a crash. When I removed the line <base href="http://www.soylentred.net/" /> (which causes the browser to treat all relative URLs as relative to that base URL) it didn’t crash.
  • A brand new profile succumbed to the same crashy fate

Having run out of ideas, I upgraded. Firefox 1.0.1 handles everything fine. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten what I was planning to write about when I first got hit by the bug.