Fergie Beanbags

In order to allow myself sufficient time to prepare inventory to sell at the IJA Juggling Festival in July and to fill the many mail orders that I already have in hand, I will not be accepting any new mail orders for Fergie Bags until August 1, 2005.

Brilliant. Just as I find out I’m actually able to afford these juggling balls I find I can’t order them. I guess that’s the cost of wanting hand-made props (aside from the monetary cost, of course, but that’s very reasonable). Fergie’s beanbags are easily the best juggling balls I’ve ever used; they practically juggle themselves, especially compared to my Beard DXes which look cool but are a nightmare to learn with. I’ll be first in line to get my order in on August 1st.

Incidentally, a search for "fergie beanbags" didn’t give me FergieProps.com in an anyway reasonable position so hopefully this post will get an appreciable position for that query and point people in the right direction.