I have a hard time taking them seriously, I’m afraid. It’s ugly, it’s got a drop shadow, for crying out loud, and it’s multicolored like a circus tent. The first G looks weird, like someone was trying to draw a G but was using someone else’s memory of what a G looks like, the letters are oddly kerned, and the whole thing looks like it should be painted on the side of an ice cream truck.

So there seem to be some people who aren’t overly-keen on the Google logo. They’re saying this now that Google has several billion dollars tied up in brand recognition, rather than five years ago when no-one would have noticed a change. Oh well. I guess we’re stuck with it.

Anyway, the talk of logos got me thinking about the best simple logos, and you know what I realised? I love the Sony logo. Just look at it. Isn’t that a triumph of simplicity? If I knew anything about the theory of design I’d tell you why that logo is so great. But I don’t. Still, I hope someone got a promotion for designing that thing.