I haven’t had a huge amount to report these last few days. It turns out that last week was the last week of my internship, though I spent the first half of this week waiting to find out if I was needed for another week. No worries though; they took several weeks to start paying me so it’ll be another few until they stop. The project actually progressed a bit farther than I had expected, though we didn’t get it to release standard. I don’t think anyone had any real idea of how big a project it was. I’d like to see it get finished.

I’ve got a meeting today to talk about starting a masters next year. I’m quite keen on it, not least because it comes with quite a substantial tax-free scholarship. I don’t know how much benefit ist is to have a masters in this field when looking for a job, but my reasoning is that I’m far more likely to regret not doing it than I am to regret doing it. I was also offered a job, but I’m much more interested in the masters so I’m going to turn the job down. I’ll let you know how things go.