Juggling Convention Retrospecticus

Despite my evangelism earlier in the week, I didn’t actually go to much of the juggling convention last weekend. I went to the fire show on Friday. The plan to get the last dart home was promptly forgotten, as was the backup plan to get the first nightlink. Getting home at 5am on Saturday pretty much prevented anything useful or interesting from happening until that night.

I went to the public show in the Ambassador on Saturday night. Apart from the venue being ridiculously cold this was actually one of the better shows I’ve seen. There was juggling, milnary manipulation (that’s a fancy name for hat tricks), yo-yoing, and a peculiar Dane nude in a (thankfully opaque) balloon.

By the time the renegade show (essentially open stage for jugglers) started, it was becoming clear that lack of sleep was going to become a problem for me. To be honest, I think I would have been better off not going to that show at all.