I’ve added a new page to Soylent Red: music. Right now it displays an automatically-updated list of my ten most recently listened-to songs. (Update: Apparently what it considers recently listened-to only includes tracks in the last few minutes, so there won’t be anything listed much of the time. Fixing this may require work.). The information is supplied by and an iTunes plug-in.

Hopefully in future I’ll have more stuff on there, like links to music-related posts (once I have post categories, which has been on my to do list since approximately the fall of Babylon). I also intend to re-use some of the code for that page and put a summary of the same information on the front page. But now it’s time for dinner, so that’ll have to wait. (Update2: This is now done, though subject to the same restriction as I mentioned in the previous update.)

I’ve also made a tweak or two to the comments interface. You can try it out and feed my ego at the same time by heading over there and posting a comment. You know you want to.