As planned, there was some role-playing this weekend. I dredged up the old box of Warhammer Quest and dug around to find all the half-painted and mostly broken miniatures to go with it. None of the rest of the players had played the game before so I had to spend some time explaining the rules. Thankfully it’s quite easy to pick up. It has layers of rules, so you can learn to play the basic game and then add complexity as everyone gets more familiar with it.

Unfortunately the dice gods were very much against us. By the end of our fourth game I was creating my fourth Dwarf character, the last surviving member of the once-great Redbeard clan. His father and brother had been slain by minotaurs. Duran son of Ceallach Redbeard’s death was particularly unfortunate. He had successfully hit a wounded minotaur (one of three that attacked us in the second last room on our way out of the dungeon), but my damage dice came up a double one. Duran tripped on his beard and had to spend the rest of the turn getting up. Since this gave the minotaur +2 to hit on his attacks on Duran, needless to say Duran didn’t get up at the end of that turn. A shameful end to his quest to avenge his father.

If we play again, it will be up to Pygar Ceallachson (yes, my Dwarfs’ names are from Barbarella) to avenge his father and brother.