Pearl Jam and Radiohead

I went to see Pearl Jam in The Point on Wednesday, and then to Radiohead in Marley Park yesterday. Both were good, but Pearl Jam were better.

It was the first time Pearl Jam had played in Ireland in six years. Since I only listened to them for the first time about four years ago this was obviously my first time seeing them live. I’m sorry to say that my knowledge of their music is pretty much limited to Ten and their new, self-titled album, so there was quite a lot of unfamiliar material for me. Still, they played everything I wanted to hear and I got to sing along to the one song that I actually know the words to, "Alive". We were treated to their interpretation of "The Boys Are Back in Town" during the second encore.

Radiohead were good, but there was more filler than I would have liked. There was one sequence of two or three songs during which I pretty much switched off and stopped listening. Partly because there were a couple of songs I didn’t know and partly because some of their songs are just difficult. They still covered all of my favourites. Easy enough, given that I tend to like their most popular songs. I’m told that they don’t tend to play "Creep", but they’ve played it both times I’ve seen them.