Stephen sneezed and I caught this meme off him.

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire

I take that to mean five things I would do differently, or in addition to what I do now, thereby removing the option of posting the sarcastic answer of, "breath, eat, sleep, drink and shit, not necessarily in that order."

Charity is the obvious first answer, and I think it would be a very difficult thing to decide quite how much to give. I don’t see myself giving significant amounts to domestic charities; I’d be far more inclined to support international organisations, like Concern or Oxfam. Incidentally, it shouldn’t just be millionaires giving to these charities.

Of the remainder, I’d want to get the best property that I could afford, possibly including borrowing. Small differences in value now translate to larger differences in value in the future; at least that’s how the property market has worked in Ireland thus far.

I’ll round out the list with a holiday to somewhere far away (New York, Las Vegas, Egypt, Rome, …), and a trip to London to meet some friends.

I think I’d spend some time trying to think of something really stupid and wasteful to spend some of the money on.

Five bad habits

  • Getting up ridiculously late
  • Not making plans and relying on other people to sort out my entertainment
  • Procrastinating
  • Propagating memes rather than putting the effort into proper blog posts
  • Not finishing lists properly

Five things I hate doing

I’m not sure there are five things I hate doing. There are innumerable things that I would hate to do, but that’s different. I guess I don’t like getting out of bed when I’m tired.

Five things I would never do

I’ll let a Google search answer this one for me:

  • Buy WinZip
  • Shoplift from Laura Barton
  • Misuse the subject line to place the body text
  • Go to school on a Saturday
  • Go out in deep ,cold ,water, risking death by drowning in something I had built

Five Things you regret

Why is it suddenly about things you regret rather than things I regret? Was this some sort of subconscious distancing of the original author from their regrets? Or were they just inconsistent?

I agree with the cliché that it’s better to regret things that you’ve done than things that you haven’t. But even then I’m not so sure that I regret anything. It’s just not an emotion that affects me long-term. Sure I can regret betting on a poor hand in poker, but it won’t keep me awake at night years in the future. I haven’t done anything worth regretting recently, and the stuff that happened long ago is so far in the past that I can’t regret it without also regretting who I’ve become since. Which I don’t. So I don’t.

Five favourite toys or things

Laptop, iPod, Camera, … Playstation? No, not hugely keen on that. I guess I’m not really a materialist. Either that or I’m so much of a materialist that I can’t even properly appreciate all the cool stuff I have. I like my Nikko bag. They don’t make them anymore.

Five special young people I choose to do this

The Planeteers