The Record of a Remarkable Period in my Life

I here present you, courteous reader, with the record of a remarkable period in my life: according to my application of it, I trust that it will prove not merely an interesting record, but in a considerable degree useful and instructive. In THAT hope it is that I have drawn it up; and THAT must be my apology for breaking through that delicate and honourable reserve which, for the most part, restrains us from the public exposure of our own errors and infirmities. Nothing, indeed, is more revolting to English feelings than the spectacle of a human being obtruding on our notice his moral ulcers or scars, and tearing away that “decent drapery” which time or indulgence to human frailty may have drawn over them

—Thomas de Quincy, Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

4 Replies to “The Record of a Remarkable Period in my Life”

  1. Hmm. I have read this book and kind of hate it. “Look at me I’m freinds with Wordsworth and Coleridge!”
    Yuck. But if you enjoyed it, or saw it appropriate – cool.

  2. That’s the only part of it I’ve read. It was quoted elsewhere and it struck me as being a wonderfully appropriate introduction to a personal blog.

  3. That bit is quite good for that purpose. But unless you want to read the memoirs of someone who thinks taking drugs and hanging out with cool and talented people who happen to take drugs makes him cool and talented, I would give it a miss.

  4. Damn, there goes that lifestyle choice. Any other ideas on how I can make myself cool and talented? ‘Cause the drugs thing sounded really easy. :p

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