Mardis Gras

A selection of bullet points in place of real paragraphs:

  • Last week I suddenly decided that I’d like to play a few games of Warhammer Quest, the old Games Workshop fantasy role-playing game from 1995. I played that game a lot as a kid, but I never managed to get a group together to play regularly. I expect to play a bit this weekend, though two people have yet to confirm (you know who you are).
  • In honour of Pancake Tuesday, I plan to practice my pancake throws at juggling tonight. That’s a way of juggling rings where they spin on an axis parallel to the plane of the ring (like a pancake being flipped). It’s a reasonably difficult trick, and not very attractive looking unless you do it very well, but it fits the theme.
  • Progress in college is slow. This may be because I allow myself to take two hour lunch breaks and then have to go to the sandwich bar an hour later because I forgot to eat anything at lunch. I’m meant to have a paper written in about three weeks. It’s hard.
  • I watched a DramSoc play today at lunch time (probably why I forgot to eat anything). It was short, only 15 minutes or so, but really funny. There was a lot of forgetting of lines and reading the script on stage, but I don’t think that really counted against it. It was like watching people just playing around on stage. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the name.

These short updates are so much easier to write than real content.